Flower Care

Some advice to help keep your new flowers looking great!

Fresh Flower Care

Upon receiving your flowers, remove packaging immediately to prevent your flowers from sweating.

Prepare your vase with warm water and flower preservative provided.
Remove all leaves from the stems that will be under the water level.
Re-cut the stems at an angle under lukewarm water using a sharp knife and immediately place in to the prepared vase.

Keep vase away from drafts, direct sunlight and items which producing some heat.
The cooler your flowers are kept, the longer you will have them to enjoy.

Check water levels and add water daily if necessary.


Flowers that come arranged in a container have already been conditioned for your enjoyment.
The flowers have been arranged in a special material that should not be removed from the container.
Please check the water level immediately after receiving the arrangement.
If necessary add water to the container until the foam is saturated.

Continue to check the water levels daily.
Display your arrangement in a cool location, away from direct sunlight.
Avoid excessive hot or cold areas.
Please put a protective material under the flower arrangement to avoid any water damage.

Dish Gardens

Water thoroughly when soil is dry to the touch.
Should you happen to over water your plant, drain off excess water and wait to re-water until the soil is almost dry.

Most dish gardens and bulbs prefer moderate diffused light.
Place them in a location, avoiding excessive heat and cold.
Place protective material under the plant to avoid any water damage.

For a Longer Life

Should any of your fresh flowers receive an air pocket (start to droop) simply lay the flower in a sink of water for ten minutes,
cut the end of the stem under water and then place back into your vase.
Flowers can and will drink from their heads which will revive them.

Change the water in your vase every two to three days.

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